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MHSATS Presents Becoming the Mountain: Rooted Transformation

Project type

Visual Identity


September 2023


Minneapolis, MN

The Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment System in Minnesota, or MHSATS, is presenting a leadership conference called Becoming the Mountain: Rooted Transformation. The conference theme is built from a well-known mindfulness meditation called Be The Mountain. MHSATS leaders in the industry each need to be an unwavering and steady presence regardless of the climate resulting from the changes around them.

This conference was designed for the leaders to remain rooted and grounded in their values and mission while also transforming in the ways employees and clients need.

The visual identity design needed to stack up to these high demands and become a representation of what to expect when attending this conference. We aimed for a clean, professional look while creating an approachable and welcoming demeanor. These designs needed to stand strong on their own while working synonymously with other elements and in multiple marketing assets.

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